Tru-Heart Labradors is a small, well-established hobby breeder located in northeast Florida that proudly produces the finest chocolate, yellow, and black Lab puppies available in Florida today.  Our puppies are sold on a limited-registration basis (full registration may be granted to female puppies on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee), and we take pride in the fastidious, loving, and stimulating environment in which they are raised. We do not sell puppies through e-mail. We must talk to you and review your application before we will accept a deposit for one of our special puppies.

Our Breeding Philosophy -
The pedigrees of all of our dams and sires contain champion English and/or working bloodlines, including Tabatha, Sandylands, Dickendall, Lawnwood, and Rocheby; however,  outcrossing  (creating new genetic combinations by bringing together genes from totally unrelated Labs to eliminate undesirable traits caused by recessive genes) is the fundamental philosophy of our breeding program.  We do not line breed or inbreed.  With a dog such as the Labrador Retriever, the #1 dog in America for many years, outcross breeding, achieved as a direct result of our extensive sire/dam pedigree research, reduces the occurrence of common health issues caused by years of linebreeding and inbreeding within prominent bloodlines.  Using this principle, Tru-Heart puppies are bred for good bone, sound temperaments, aesthetically-pleasing conformation, and physical/genetic health.

English or American?
There is only one breed of dog known as the Labrador Retriever, as described by the official Standard of the Breed. Within the Labrador Retriever breed type, there are variations in body styles produced according to the preferences of individual breeders. In the United States, the general public has begun to mistakenly label these variations as "English" or "American" style. Better descriptions for variations in style are "show/ conformation" or "working/field" styles.  It is important to remember that these labels describe only the extremes of both styles and do not identify the temperament, trainability, or health of the dog. In fact, the vast majority of Labs, whether conformation/show or working/field type, possess moderate body styles much closer to the written breed standard. Also, within a single litter, whether that litter has been bred for show/conformation or working/field, individual puppies can mature to be representatives of the entire range, though rarely of the extremes, of the two styles.


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